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We are building a universe of powerful apps on the latest cloud platforms, such as Salesforce and Google.

We are proudly based in the "Steel City" of Sheffield, UK.

Why AppMesters? The term "Mester" comes from the "Little Mesters" of Sheffield, who were world renowned  artisans and craftspeople. They built tools from steel, we build tools from clouds!

With vast experience in business and Salesforce, our vision at AppMesters is to automate boring business processes by developing master quality apps that save time and improve productivity.


AppMesters was co-founded by Andy and Danny Evans.


Andy is a former founder and CEO of Xactium, a successful Salesforce based software business which was acquired in 2020. He was a member of the Salesforce partner board, has a PhD in Software Engineering and is Director of the start-up investment company, Mandashi. 


With a background in cancer research and a PhD in Cancer and Genomic Sciences, Danny is a data and analytics expert. As well as being Managing Director at AppMesters, Danny works as Investment Manager at Mandashi.


Invest in innovation

The AppMesters team also run an investment company, called Mandashi. We invest in and support innovative startups and businesses which aim to make a positive difference to the world and our local community.


This importantly includes the Mandashi fund, which supports community groups in Sheffield and the local region who are providing a valuable service to children and young adults with intellectual disabilities.

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