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ChartSync - the Salesforce connector that lets you export charts

Export Salesforce reports & charts to Google Sheets

Select and filter the report you want to export from Salesforce

Pull Salesforce report data & charts into Sheets in a single click

Create secure, automated reporting workflows

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Schedule automatic data refreshes

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Keep Salesforce reports & charts always up-to-date in Google Sheets

Auto refresh up to every hour or any time with a single click

Connect Salesforce charts to Google Docs, Slides & Canva

Easily embed your connected charts in Sheets to Docs, Slides & Canva

Any changes you make in Salesforce will then auto-update here too!

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Auto generate pivot tables from Salesforce reports

Generate pivot tables to create auto-refreshing charts in Google Sheets. Utilise better chart customisation tools in Sheets & style it your way!

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Save time


Pull charts out of Salesforce

Create automated reporting workflows

Clean, sort & analyse reports in Sheets

No coding skills required


Private & secure

Getting started

Check out our two-minute video guide

Explore our user guide​

Or get in touch via our support page


Steven McGurk

Digital Marketing Officer at Rarecan

"This has been a great solution to my monthly reporting needs. It allows me to pull Salesforce report data straight into Google docs, slides, sheets etc and keeps them up to date with its auto-refresh feature. Easy to use and a huge time saver."



Peter Gascoyne

Salesforce Developer/Architect at RavenApps

"A powerful connector to pull and refresh Salesforce report data & charts into Google sheets, which can then be presented in other Google Docs. The app is easy to set up and has many use cases. Support has also been responsive when we needed it - highly recommended."


Mike Stephens

CEO at Entrepeneurial Spark

“A great time saver - saves hours and a lot of clicks on producing graphical data from Salesforce. I like the auto-update feature which sends you the same graphs regularly with no effort.”

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