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ChartSync installation guide

A simple guide on how to install the ChartSync Salesforce Connector into Google Sheets

ChartSync automates the process of pulling through Salesforce report data into Google Sheets and reproducing their associated charts. It saves time manually copying and pasting Salesforce reports into Google documents, and also supports automatic refreshes of the data on a schedule of your choosing.

ChartSync is free to use (although we reserve the right to change this in the future), and is currently in beta. We welcome all suggestions for improvements and enhancements.


To install ChartSync, simply go to the Google Marketplace listing here and select Domain install (to install in your Google Workspace account) or Individual install. Note, you will need to be an administrator in order to perform a Domain install.

NOTE - we recommend running ChartSync from an Incognito browser due to Google’s current lack of support for running apps in browsers linked to multiple Google accounts.

Once you have installed the app, open or create a new Google Spreadsheet. You will see the ChartSync app listed under the Extensions menu:

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