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Get live pivot tables from a Salesforce report in Google Sheets

See how to auto generate a Salesforce report pivot table into Sheets with ChartSync

ChartSync lets you auto generate live pivot tables from Salesforce reports in Google Sheets, allowing you to utilise better chart customization tools. Use it to create bespoke charts & dashboards that auto update with Salesforce and easily share your charts from Google Sheets without limitations.

To auto generate a pivot table, simply use ChartSync to import the report containing the chart you want to recreate (but better) in Google Sheets. Check out the ChartSync getting started guide for more detail on how to connect a Salesforce report & chart to Google Sheets.

How to generate an auto updating Salesforce pivot table and chart in Google Sheets:

1. Select or create a Sheet in your Google Spreadsheet and select the ChartSync menu via the Google spreadsheet extensions tab.

2. Sign in to your Salesforce account and launch ChartSync.

3. Select the Salesforce report that you want to import and choose any filters that you wish to apply to the data.

4. In the “Select formats” window, click on the “Chart Type” dropdown and select “Pivot Table Only” to generate a pivot table without a chart:

5. Set a refresh period to keep your pivot table up-to-date with Salesforce at a schedule of your choosing. When you use this to create your own bespoke chart, both the pivot table and chart will be automatically refreshed, allowing you to fully automate your reporting workflow:

6. Click run and the sheet will populate with your Salesforce report data. The pivot table based on the report summaries will be generated in a new tab:

The imported Salesforce report:

The auto generated pivot table:

7. Use the auto refreshing pivot table to create high quality, auto-updating charts in Google Sheets. To get started with this, simply highlight your pivot table, open the “Insert” tab and select “Chart”:

8. You can then edit and customise your chart using the “chart editor”. Access this by double clicking on the chart, and get creating! Google Sheets has a wide range of chart customisation tools, allowing you to easily curate high-quality and professional illustrations. 

Alternatively, you could also use ChartSync to link auto refreshing pivot tables to Canva! Check out our “Link Salesforce charts to Canva guide” here.

Here is an example of a Salesforce chart that we quickly created in Google Sheets using ChartSync, which has been customised with our signature AppMesters branding:

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