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Link Salesforce charts to Canva

How to export & sync Salesforce charts to Canva with ChartSync

Now that you have connected your Salesforce chart to a Google spreadsheet with ChartSync, linking your chart to Canva is super easy! Thanks to ChartSync's scheduled refreshes, any changes to your data in Salesforce will automatically update in your Google spreadsheet and Canva, letting you establish fully automated workflows in Canva!

Linking Salesforce charts to Canva

1. To link your connected chart in Google Sheets into Canva, open and log into Canva in your Google Chrome browser, and open the canvas that you want to embed your chart into.

2. In the left hand tab in Canva, select elements > charts, then find and select the chart style that you want:

3. This will generate an example chart. To get your chart data from Google Sheets, click on the chart in Canva and select the Google Sheets button, located in the bottom left corner of the page:

4. Login to your Google account and select the ChartSync Spreadsheet that you want to import from. Next, select the Spreadsheet tab which contains your ChartSync auto-generated pivot table and input the cell range of your pivot table, as displayed in your spreadsheet. Click Update:

5. That's it! Now you can customise your chart in Canva how you like it. We've updated it here with our company branding:

Note: to update your charts in Canva, simply re-click the update button.

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