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Link Salesforce charts to Google Docs & Slides

How to export & sync Salesforce charts to Google Docs & Slides with ChartSync

Once you have synced your Salesforce chart to a Google spreadsheet with ChartSync, you can easily link the chart to a Google Doc or Slide. With ChartSync scheduled refreshes, your Salesforce data will remain up-to-date across all of these platforms, allowing you to quickly create fully automated workflows and auto-updating reports.

How to link Salesforce charts to Google Docs & Slides

To sync up your connected chart in Google Sheets, simply go to your Google Slides or Docs document, and select Insert > Chart > from Sheets. Select the ChartSync Spreadsheet you want to import from, and then select the relevant chart:

Once imported you can position the charts wherever you want:

If a chart is automatically updated via a refresh in Google Sheets, an Update icon will appear on the chart in your document. Just click to update it. You can also choose to update all your charts in a specific document in a single click by going to Tools > Linked objects > Refresh.

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