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Why we built a chart-connecting Salesforce reporting tool!

Updated: Mar 13

When we first chose ChartSync as our first AppMesters app, it was based on our experiences of working with lots of businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem. Many of them were big fans of using Salesforce, but were frustrated with its lack of support for embedding Salesforce reports into their monthly management reports.

A typical conversation went “Do you know how we can get the charts from Salesforce into our management reports? It looks like we have to manually export them!”

Or, “our management team wants to see the latest Salesforce charts in our monthly reports, but it takes ages for us to manually update them each month.”

At the time, we could only advise that manual export of the charts was the best way forward. Not a great reply.

So, when we set up AppMesters we thought a great little app to start on was something that automated the export of Salesforce data into Google Sheets (like many other apps), but then created a pivot table and the charts based on those in Salesforce. Once in Google Sheets, you can then flexibly connect the charts into other online tools such as Docs, Slides, and Canva, and have them automatically update here too.

ChartSync is completely free (for now) but we’d love your feedback and experiences of using it, and of course other ideas for new or related apps!

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